Funding Suicide Prevention Projects

Posner Donation to Operation Lifesaver Will Help Fund Suicide Prevention Projects 

A donation from the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh to Operation Lifesaver, Inc. will help fund four projects meant to educate the public about railroad safety.

Henry Posner III, chairman of ASLRRA member Iowa Interstate Railroad and a trustee of the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh, expressed a sense of pride in being able to support the efforts of Operation Lifesaver, which not only works to reduce fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings but is becoming involved in suicide prevention initiatives.

One of the projects funded by the Posner Foundation donation involves leveraging the Federal Railroad Administration’s Trespass and Suicide Dashboard to target specific U.S. locations and distribute customized messages in those communities.

Click the link below for the full story from our friends at Operation Life Saver.

Operation Lifesaver, Inc. Receives Donation from Posner Family Foundation | Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

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